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Mary Crannell

Founder & President


Mary Crannell is founder and President of Idea Sciences, Inc., a company that helps organizations map strategy, leverage talent and transform organizational culture. Idea Sciences’ offers “decision assurance” to enterprises – government, non-governmental organizations and commercial.

After a decade of mergers and acquisitions, Mary left the corporate world and founded a boutique consulting firm dedicated to increasing the quality of decision making in organizations. Idea Sciences, now seventeen years old, has assisted in changing the way its global client base makes strategic

One of the companies she assisted grew from a two-person team to a global entity with seven organizations in the holding company. She was one of the architects in changing the culture of a multi-million-dollar organization and has successfully assessed talent for work assignments in the US and abroad. She has served in multiple roles when assisting organizations – strategic adviser, management consultant, facilitator, executive coach and board member.

She has lived in Europe and travelled extensively in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Central America and Mexico. Mary’s cultural consulting background coupled with her international work experience provides a robust backdrop for assessing global talent, designing teams and identifying game changing strategic advantage on the global stage.

She serves as a board member on the Kogod School of Business, Information Technology Executive Committee, American University and she is Chairman, Arlington County Information Technology Advisory Commission. She is an adjunct professor at The George Washington University where she has taught three graduate courses. She designed two graduate courses entitled Cultural Aspects of Global Advocacy and Confrontation Management and Alliance Building. The third course she team teaches is entitled Principled Political Leadership.

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