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Recent Publications & Speaking Engagements

Stacked Books


"Cyber First Aid: Proactive Risk Management and Decision-Making," by Dr. Ben Sheppard, Mary Crannell, and Jeff Moulton, October 2013

The Decision Gym: Decision Insurance for Organizations,” by Mary Crannell and Dr. Ben Sheppard, January 2013

Preparing to Lead with a Compelling Narrative: if You Don’t Frame the Narrative Someone Else Will,” by Mary Crannell and Dr. Ben Sheppard, February 2011



Achieving Narrative Superiority to Succeed in Afghanistan,” by Mary Crannell and Dr. Ben Sheppard, June 2010

Making an Afghanistan-Pakistan Strategy Decision in a Flawed System,” by Mary Crannell, October 2009


Recent Speaking Engagements:

The Transformation of Data and what it Means for Talent, Leadership and Culture

Florida Institute of Technology

November 2018

Warfighter and the Direction of Learning, Panel Member

U.S. Army Mad Scientist Conference, Learning in 2050

Georgetown University Conference Center

August 2018


Humans and Technology

Georgia Technology Research Institute

June 2018

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