Who We Are


Increase the quality of decision making in organizations.  Provide a conduit for all stakeholders to have a voice in decision-making. 


Assist decision makers to  create cultures that encourage high quality decision making and to develop leaders who make ethical decisions aligned with the purpose and mission of the organization.


Eliminate toxic organizations where decision making is poor,  where people are not able to reach their full potential and where the organization is incapable of fulfilling its highest purpose. 

What We Do

Talent Management
Are you hiring the right talent? Are you developing your talent? Are you able to retain  talented employees? Are you leveraging your talented employees to work as a high-performing team?
Organizational Culture
How do you know if you're part of a toxic organization? Is your organization falling victim to flawed decision-making? Is your organization's mission, vision, and values aligned with its actions? Is your organization making the same mistakes over and over?
Leadership Development
Are your leaders nurturing talent? Are your leaders learning? Are your leaders aligning actions with words? Are your leaders able to lead your organization to the future?
How do you design teams for success? How do you make team decisions? How do you create a trusting environment where people are willing to learn and to share information? Do team members build on one another's strengths? 
Transition Management
Is your organization experiencing unprecedented growth? Is your organization pivoting?  Does your organization need to downsize?  Is your organization prepared to lead transitions? 

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