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Confrontation Manager screenshots

The following screenshots illustrate some of the major features of Confrontation Manager™.

Easy to navigate "paned" interface

Confrontation Manager interface

Information is neatly laid out within the application — putting it at your fingertips when you need it.

Visual, interactive modeling

Confrontation Manager Options Board

Manipulate your models graphically and see results update in real-time. "What-if?" scenarios can be developed in seconds.

Alternative visual representations

Confrontation Manager Tug of War

Focus attention on critical issues using alternative visual representations (Options Boards and Tugs of War).

Advice given in "plain English"

Obtaining advice from Confrontation Manager

No need to interpret complex diagrams or values — Confrontation Manager presents its analyses in the form of written descriptions.

Stakeholder Analysis

Conducting Stakeholder Analysis using a power/interest grid

Conduct Stakeholder Analysis by considering, and planning to change, the power, interest and attitude of the parties to the confrontation. Other factors of concern can be modeled by altering the size and color of the stakeholders on the grid.

Report generator

Confrontation Manager report generator

Detailed, formatted reports can be copied to Microsoft Word®, or printed directly from Confrontation Manager.

Canvas viewpoints

Canvassing viewpoints using Confrontation Manager

Ensure all views are considered by polling the assembled group on key questions (Meeting Edition only).

Share missions securely

Exporting missions securely using Confrontation Manager

Work collaboratively by exporting mission files, encrypted with the government-sanctioned AES algorithm, and e-mailing them to colleagues.

Enterprise Confrontation Management System

Confrontation Manager ECMS

Support wide-spread (intra and inter) organizational collaboration through the installation of a Confrontation Manager server (Enterprise Edition only).

Detailed help

Confrontation Manager help

Comprehensive help system describes all aspects of Confrontation Manager.

Confrontation Manager is a trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.