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Confrontation Manager — persuading others to want what you want

Confrontation Manager

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Confrontation Manager helps you to persuade others to want what you want. Using the science of Confrontation Management™, Confrontation Manager allows you to model interactions between organizations (or individuals) and develop plans to persuade others that your position is in everyone's best interest.

Confrontation Manager is an essential tool for those trying to produce results against a complex backdrop of multiple stakeholders with (potentially) conflicting objectives.

Application areas include:

  • International relations
  • Stabilization and reconstruction operations
  • Public policy planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Industrial relations
  • Personnel management
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Plea bargaining
  • ...and many more

Using Confrontation Manager you specify your position and your fallback (what you intend to do if others do not support your position) with respect to a given issue. This is then compared with the positions and fallbacks of the other parties involved in that issue. Key conflicts between the competing positions are identified by Confrontation Manager, leading to targeted advice on how to obtain support for your own position.

If you intend to use Confrontation Manager in a military context, you may be in interested in learning about General Sir Rupert Smith's views on the importance of focusing on confrontations when waging "War Amongst The People".

Meeting Edition

Confrontation Manager Meeting Edition is designed to support modeling and planning in face-to-face workshops.

Using wireless keypads, workshop participants (from two to hundreds) can interactively, and immediately, give their views on:

  • whether options are adopted, rejected or left open in a position or intentions column;
  • whether a party has doubts about an option in a position or intentions column; or
  • a party's preferences.

With Confrontation Manager Meeting Edition, time consuming and fruitless debate is minimized as views can be gauged with the press of a button. If there is disagreement, time can be spent surfacing the assumptions underlying this disagreement. Otherwise, discussion can be shifted to more problematic areas.

Enterprise Edition

Confrontation Manager Enterprise Edition supports the management of confrontations at an organization level — or even between organizations. Models of individual confrontations are published to a central server, and retrieved by those whose must consider them in the course of their own planning.

Is Confrontation Manager a Conflict Management System?

Yes, Confrontation Manager can certainly be used as a Conflict Management System (CMS). However, it also provides facilities for coordinating and managing all interactions across your organization and aligning them in support of organizational objectives.

Confrontation Manager and Confrontation Management are trademarks of Idea Sciences, Inc.