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Confrontation Manager features

Confrontation Manager™ boasts a range of features designed to help you achieve your objectives in the face of opposition from powerful stakeholders.

Complimentary representations

Models are constructed using the power, comprehensive "Options Board" representation. However, when the time comes to analyze these models, users can opt to stay with the Options Board or shift their attention to the Tug of War.

The Tug of War hides much of the detail provided in the Options Board to focus attention on the dynamics of the interaction. In doing so, it emphasizes the importance of positions, stated intentions and preferences over individual options.

Options Board and Tug of War

Interactive modeling

As it was designed to support rapid modeling, Confrontation Manager encourages the exploration of new strategies and assumptions. Robust plans can be developed in the face of uncertainty by quickly pursuing multiple possibilities.

Automated descriptions and advice

Options Boards and Tugs of War are powerful tools that illuminate the most complex of interactions. However, they take time to master. Confrontation Manager provides interpretations of these diagrams in plain English, allowing you to make immediate progress.

Linked interactions

While many people use Confrontation Manager to model isolated interactions, it is capable of much more. Interactions are contained in missions, and missions are part of a manager's view. Using this framework, it is possible to manage complex, high level interactions, without sacrificing detail.

Collaborative planning

The Meeting Edition of Confrontation Manager utilizes wireless keypads to draw upon the experience of an assembled group — at the touch of a button! This minimizes the risk of "groupthink" and builds individual commitment to the resulting plan.

Wireless keypad

If you wish to manage interactions at an organizational level, then Confrontation Manager Enterprise Edition provides facilities to coordinate multiple models at remote locations.


Confrontation Manager can operate as a COM server — allowing it to be controlled by third party applications. Models can be exported as XML documents, allowing them be consumed by other tools that support this computer "lingua franca". Details of the document format are available on request.

Package contents

Confrontation Manager is supplied with:

  • CD containing Confrontation Manager software for Microsoft Windows®.
  • Printed manual.

If Confrontation Manager is purchased with a voting system, the following items are also supplied:

  • Wireless (radio frequency) voting keypads (number of keypads depends on package purchased).
  • USB transceiver (and cable).
  • Custom carrying case.

Confrontation Manager is a trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.