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CoNexus — enhancing decision-making through electronic voting


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Organizations must now engage in continuous innovation — not merely continuous improvement — to thrive in times of turbulent, unpredictable change.

CoNexus is a powerful decision support system that utilizes wireless keypad technology to promote innovative thinking, collaboration and decision-making within groups. The software incorporates 30-years of research on change management and strategic planning. CoNexus strengthens an organization’s ability to understand the nuances of potential decisions — bringing color to black-and-white.

As it is completely portable (a 32 keypad system fits in a lightweight case that is smaller than a shoe box), CoNexus can be used internally by all levels of management and in customer facing situations, such as new product research, to achieve faster and higher quality decisions.

There are three CoNexus system applications:

  • Customer CoNexion™ — for determining a customer's present and emerging needs.
  • Strategist™ — for group strategic planning, reengineering, redesign and decision-making.
  • Meeting CoNexion™ — for basic group polling and prioritization.

CoNexus is highly flexible in its ability to capture and bring clarity to the diversity of ideas held by participants.

Customer CoNexion

With Customer CoNexion, companies are able to identify products and services that customers really want. Unlike traditional market research that documents the past and attempts to predict trends and behaviors, Customer CoNexion is "future facing" and allows customers to be proactive in providing input to proposed strategies and actions by an enterprise.

Customer CoNexion can be used for the following:

  • Identifying the current and emerging needs of your customers.
  • Determining how to create ideal products, services or relationships.
  • Capturing better demographics about current and potential users.


Strategist is a tool for groups interested in rethinking their future and in creating collective decisions. It is the most powerful process for getting groups to see beyond traditional self-imposed limitations.

Uses of Strategist include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a purpose and mission for an organization and clarifying the organization's values.
  • Deciding on whether to proceed with a merger, acquisition or joint venture.
  • Determining how and when to address critical issues identified in the context of strategic planning.

Meeting CoNexion

Meeting CoNexion is a general purpose tool for group polling, data gathering and prioritization of important information. With Meeting CoNexion, data from group members is collected and displayed instantly — people's positions can be discussed without confrontation.

Using Meeting CoNexion, groups can objectively address important questions, such as:

  • Do various subgroups differ on critical issues?
  • What do differences between sub-groups represent?
  • What new information needs to be shared?
  • How can the collected information be used to build better teams and create better solutions?

Is CoNexus an audience response system?

No. It is much, much more. While it can be used to collect and review audience responses, it is also a complete, formal strategic planning system — identifying customer needs and preparing your organization to support those needs.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

Customer CoNexion, Meeting CoNexion and Strategist are trademarks of Idea Sciences, Inc.