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This is a selection of the testimonals we have available. Please contact us if you require a testimonial for a specific product or application area.

We are currently using the [CoNexus®] software in ERP steering committee for quick decision making and we used the paired comparison for prioritizing projects based upon perceived "return" vs. "risk". It opened some eyes and created a lot of great dialogue.

John Player, Whataburger

CoNexus is a valuable tool for documenting the perceptions of our employees.

Steve Schultz, Avnet

Finally a performance management tool [Frontier Analyst®] that enables the use of internal benchmarking capability.

Dave Koehn, CACI

Idea Sciences provides thought leadership in the world of decision tools.

Yolan Williams, Verizon

"Image" CoNexus provides a new dimension to our strategic planning process.

Shelly Brown, Herman Miller, Inc.

The paradigm of war has shifted - and Confrontation Manager™ is at the cutting edge of winning the new model.

General Sir Rupert Smith

Upon completion of the CoNexus matrix, those who had spoken strongly in support of a different alternative stated they would support the group in making the preferred recommendation even though it was not their favorite alternative. This group typically runs over on time and they had expected to have a long, hard night. But once they saw the matrix they nodded their heads and said this is right and quickly drafted a letter which they signed and left the meeting 30 minutes early.

Theresa Gunn, Gunn Communications, Inc.

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Confrontation Manager is a trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

Frontier Analyst is a registered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.