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President's message

Mary CrannellWelcome to Idea Sciences, the company that brings you a suite of innovative tools to support smarter decisions.

I founded this company to raise the quality of decision-making across the board — to make a difference — in education, in business and in government. In education, our tools have been praised for identifying benchmark schools. In business, our tools increase the effectiveness of meetings by an order of magnitude. In government, our tools assist decision-makers uncover the best course of action given the unique missions and challenges of nations and international governing bodies.

Though our tools are used in a vast array of organizations there are critical elements that remain constant. First, my team and I are here to help you with the life-cycle of decision-making. Our tools help formulate ideas, explore ideas and implement ideas. Second, we are world-class in assisting organizations decide how to approach a problem, discover alternative solutions and gain consensus to implement those solutions. Third, we pride ourselves on listening to the customer and building innovative tools to respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers. Fourth, we are committed to transferring our knowledge to enable customers to solve their own problems.

I believe our tools can assist in decisions that will change the world. As Peter Drucker said, "Long Range Planning does not deal with future decisions...but with the future of present decisions!"

Today's government and business environments require strategic decisions at warp speed. Our tools and services offer ways to sift through the mountains of data and perceptions — so that you can focus on the "heart of the matter".

At Idea Sciences we envision a world where decisions take into account the values and beliefs of all stakeholders. We want our customers to have an arsenal of decision tools as they struggle with the decisions at hand. We believe our role is to decipher the problem, suggest tools that will help and then make sure that the customer knows how to use those tools to their best advantage.

Our suite of innovative tools:

  • Give voice to the silent
  • Purify disagreement
  • Visualize thinking
  • Uncover potential
  • Build consensus

As you learn more about us you will understand why our customers return year after year.

As you consider the possibilities before you — remember that there are tools available that will help you frame the problem, identify the strategic roadmap, discover the best performer or detect the key assumptions that underpin your decisions.

We look forward to assisting you.


Mary Crannell